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How to Choose The Perfect Prom Dress

21 June 2022

Have you ever fantasised about wearing a beautiful gown that stuns everyone around you? Attending Prom has only recently become a teenage rite of passage in the UK, an occasion which has gradually crept over from the US.

 It might be a new thing, but nevertheless, the retail sector has stepped up and done a womanly job of making sure that your perfect Prom dress is out there. With a plethora of styles and colours available, it can be confusing to work out exactly what will suit you best. This is precisely why we have put together this guide on how to select your perfect Prom dress. We want to make sure that your vision of perfection is realised so you can steal the crown with your dream gown!

In the beginning.

First of all, go back to basics. In terms of yourself, your skin tone and hair colour will play a big part in the choosing of your Prom dress. Not all colours suit all people equally – but there is always a good colour match out there for you. Secondly, skin tone – do you have a goddess-like glow about you, or whether you’re more on the beautiful paler side (which is equally as gorgeous!)


This is a simple breakdown of what colours suit which hair the best: 

  • Dark hair -  if you’re a brunette then the good news is that dark-haired girls can usually wear any colour, depending on their skin tone. This means that bolder colours and pastel colours are equally possible.
  • Redhead – glorious auburn locks are beautifully set off by greens, blues and purples.
  • Blondes – blues, reds, bold colours and pastel ones are all equally good at showing off golden hair. 

Maybe you could think outside of the box and choose a colour that you don’t usually wear? But with that said, don’t feel like you can’t wear a pink satin dress with your red hair; ultimately choose the colour that you feel prettiest in. You’ll only look your best when you feel your best!


And here we come to a critical element. There are so many different styles to choose from that it can you leave you feeling confused about which one to go for. To try and break it down a bit, think first of all about how you want it to fit. Your body shape might dictate some of this, a tight fit will show off curves, whilst a loose fit will hide them. Start with the neckline; a Sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top of a heart and cut low at the front, for example, or a V neckline which will make your waist look smaller and your bust bigger. Or a Scooped neckline traditionally shows off cleavage to its best advantage.

Is dancing going to be on the cards? If so, then an A-line Prom dress from Krystall’s Boutique will give both support through the straps, whilst also allowing for plenty of room for leg movement. This type of dress has a fitted bodice which then flows out at the waist.

If you don’t plan on gracing the dancefloor then a mermaid-style Prom dress might be a good pick, something that’s form-fitting from neckline to the knee so you can sashay your way elegantly through the evening. This gown is one which is figure-hugging and flattering and gives a graceful look that emphasises your curves.

A Prom Ballgown is always a popular choice because it’s such a classic style and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These dresses have a fitted bodice which then flare into a large skirt from the waist. If you have a smaller bust then a built-in bra is a good idea, or if you’re not happy with having your arms on display you can choose a dress that covers them up.

The High Low style of Prom dress is something which is gathering quickly in popularity. It’s fitted through the bodice and waist and usually has a shorter hemline at the front which lengthens towards the back. This dress really channels those glamorous 50s vibes!

A Sheath dress gives a slim, chic look. It’s designed to fit your waist closely with a fitted, straight-out style. It’s very important to pick the right size because you don’t want it too tight or too loose. If you’re after glamour then this could be the one for you! A Sheath dress is often worn as a backless dress, which is a good alternative to a plunging neckline if you want a less obvious but still sexy look.

If you’re more of a plus-size girl then an Empire Line Prom dress is a good idea. This one falls below the bust line and typically has no waist, giving it a smooth line from bust to hips.  

Having a dress with removable straps is another good option because it creates a very versatile dress. You can stick with the strapless look, or fasten the straps as a halterneck, or have them crossed at the back, or just over your shoulders. This type of dress gives you room to play with your overall look.


If there’s a definite theme then think about how you can accommodate that with your dress and accessories. Winter themed? Think fur trims and sparkly dresses. Summer? Get that beach look going on with a mix of Tequila Sunrise colours. Or maybe it’s a Roaring Twenties-themed Prom, in which case elbow-length gloves and a flapper headband might be the way forwards. These are just examples, but it should give you an idea of how to tailor your look if necessary. Or you could just stick with a classic look that works for all themes if you prefer. Play safe.  

But the best advice is to ultimately choose a dress that makes you feel your very best fab, sexy self. Time to steal that crown with a perfect gown!

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