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Krystalls Boutiques Terms & Conditions

Payment of Order

  1. Customers are required to pay a 50% deposit before Krystalls Boutique can order any gown.
  2. No goods may be removed from the premises until full payment of the order has been fulfilled.
  3. We accept all major debit and credit cards or cash payment.
  4. All gowns remain at the property of Krystalls Boutique until paid for in full.
  5. Customer should retain their receipt as proof of purchase.
  6. All items purchased are non-returnable/refundable.
  7. If your order has not been collected and paid for within 14 days of sending notification of arrival, a fee may be invoiced to cover additional costs. If items are still not collected within 2 months of notification, it will be deemed that you have cancelled the contract.

Cancellation of Order

  1. Customers who cancel their sales contract are NOT entitled to a refund of ANY monies already paid up to and including the cancellation date. Dress orders will still have to be paid for in FULL, if the celebration is cancelled for whatever reason, costs will still be incurred to the suppliers and to Krystalls Boutique – regardless of ANY circumstances.


  1. It is the wearers responsibility to try on and be completely satisfied with the dress fit and quality before ordering.
  2. Dresses are ordered in standard sizes. Please be aware that gown sizes are different to high street sizes.
  3. After the sales order contract has been signed and order placed, Krystalls Boutique cannot and will not accept any responsibility in respect of any changes which may occur in the customers size and body shape.

Delivery & Collection

  1. The price of the garment EXCLUDES all costs in respect of alterations or fitting work, however this service is provided independently.
  2. Krystalls Boutique does not offer an alteration service but can provide details of a local seamstress who is self-employed and independent of Krystalls Boutique. Krystalls Boutique is not responsible for any work carried out by any seamstress.
  3. Advice taken from your consultant during your visit is a suggestion only and
    Krystalls Boutique cannot be held responsible. It is the wearers final decision to take these suggestions.
  4. Customers are asked to settle any balance on their final fitting. Balances must be settled before any purchase leaves the shop.


  1. Should the store breach its obligations under this agreement its liability is limited to any direct loss incurred by the customer arising from such breach. The store will not be liable for any breaches caused by circumstances outside Krystalls Boutique’s control including but not restricted to acts of God, war, riot, terrorism, malicious damage, fire, flood or storm.

Refund & Exchange

  1. We currently operate a No Refund & Exchange policy – once you have ordered there is no option to refund or exchange.
  2. All gown purchases – by paying your deposit you are thereby adhering to these terms and conditions.
  3. By paying your final invoice you are also acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions.
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