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Rochford Prom Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses

Rochford Prom Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses Krystalls Boutique

Prom Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses in Rochford By Krystall

Rochford Prom Dress shop & Bridesmaid Dresses

Find that all-important prom gown or perfectly matched bridesmaids’ dresses for a special wedding day at Krystalls Boutique.  View our huge range of fashion gowns with the latest designs in evening wear and bridesmaids’ dresses, plus price tags to suit all budgets.

Finding the perfect bridesmaids’ dress

Bridesmaids’ dresses are always a challenge, not only must they fit the wedding theme but they need to complement the bride’s gown and also accommodate a range of shapes and sizes.  Krystalls Boutique stock a wide variety of bridesmaids’ dresses in a range of colours.  All styles can be custom made to suit the brides’ attendants and the fabric can even be used to create handkerchiefs and cravats for the groomsmen, such a neat touch.

Finding the perfect prom dress in Rochford

A prom dress is often the first piece of formal evening wear for a young lady, a momentous occasion and special moment.  Krystalls Boutique offer exclusive appointments so that you can try different dresses in a private and calm environment with no-one else present other than a special friend or relative.  Our bespoke prom dress service ensures that the dress you choose will not be worn by anyone else on prom night so you can create your own signature look.

About Rochford

Rochford is a peaceful and pretty south-east Essex town with excellent access to the coast and Southend-on-Sea and just over forty miles away from central London.  This medieval market town doesn’t have a high street and remains one of the very few locations in England with a town cross pattern design which comprises North, South, East and West streets.  Rochford still has a weekly market, one of the oldest in the country dating back to 1247 and this is held in the market square where the four streets converge.

Rochford has an interesting and colourful history including a former chapel of the Peculiar People, a name borrowed from the Book of Deuteronomy in the Bible.  The Peculiar People practised a form of worship which followed a literal interpretation of the King James Bible, banning both medicine and frivolity.  The movement was started by a reformed drunk and Wesleyan preacher and continued throughout both World Wars with some church members becoming conscientious objectors, believing that war was contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

Rochford has a pretty town centre with historic buildings and is surrounded by open countryside offering a huge variety of landscapes including woodland, golf courses and access to the coastline.  As a backdrop for a wedding, Rochford provides all sorts of venues, both town and rural, traditional and contemporary with plenty of amenities for guests and easy access to suppliers from London, Chelmsford and Southend-on-Sea.

Rochford is popular with families as there are some excellent high schools and secondary education providers in nearby Southend and Westcliff.  June is prom season and a chance to celebrate the end of term in this diverse location, an opportunity to dress up in some stylish evening wear and toast future success.

Krystalls Boutique offer a range of bridesmaids’ dresses and prom dresses from top designers with a bespoke and unrushed fitting appointment.  Our tailored prom dress service means that no two girls from the same school will turn up in the same garment.  Choose beautiful couture with an unrivalled service at Krystalls Boutique.

Rochford Prom Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses Krystalls Boutique